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Network transceiver is a part transmitter part receiver in a single package, it can both emit signals as well as receive signals flowing through the wire. LAN transceivers are part of the network interface card, However, some networks require an external transceiver.


Types of network transceiver:


Half-duplex transceivers

Half duplex transceivers can either transmit or receive signal. This is because both the transmitter and receiver are connected to the same antenna using an electronic switch. 

Full-duplex transceivers

Full duplex transceivers can do both transmit and receive signal. It is done by combining different frequencies for receiving and and transmission of radio signal


Transceivers  in LAN & WiFi Communication Network (Ethernet transceivers)


Ethernet transceivers are used to connect access points and switches in LAN. They combine technology in Ethernet and RF transponders to improve WiFi speed between media units.


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